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Messages from the Spirit

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Psychic Readings are a way to get clarity on any matter in your life. Whether you have questions about a relationship, career or family issue, Reavan has the skills and abilities that can provide insight into what's going wrong and how it could be fixed.

These readings allow information from divine sources to come through clearly with physical sensations like feeling or seeing something happening as well as emotional feelings. In the industry, we call those abilities claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling), and so on. Reavan does experience information through rare occurrences of sensing smells or tasting as if she were in a dream state.



After you schedule your reading, you will receive an email requesting you to gather some details before the session begins: 

  • Pen and paper to take notes

  • Your full name and the full name of the a person or people you would like insight on.

  • Burning question(s) about your situation, relationship, career, and general well-being.


The email also includes instructions about how you can join the meeting via Zoom, as well as other important details on how it works so everything goes smoothly from beginning until end!


A psychic reading is always the best way to go for spiritual guidance! Your reading will first start off with a message from your HigherSelf. Your HigherSelf is always with you, guiding your path. They know everything about changes such as breakups, moves, etc. 

Then, it will move on to messages from beyond this world from guides and ancestors are brought in through our connection. Words of wisdom created for you will be communicated with the goal of improving your life so it can flow smoothly.

If you're feeling stuck, the burning questions section is the opportunity to ask for guidance and clarity on the issue at hand. As soon your question(s) are answered, all of the energy that has been transferred during your session will be released so you can start in a fresh state of mind from here onward!


If technology and the astral forces permit, you will receive a recording of your session by email. Listening back will help you to recall pertinent information conveyed by your spirit team. 

Your session covers a lot of information and you more than likely made notes. However, you may want to listen back to the session for additional pieces of information missed prior. 

You are welcome to book another or longer reading a week after so that you have time implement what's been said. We're here to help answer your questions and provide guidance in this process, as well as connect with Divine energy!


"I had a psychic reading with Reavan and she picked up on some things that happened to me the other day. I thought it was pretty cool, so I just wanted to share my experience in case you feel called to have a psychic reading too!"

Mike, North Dakota, US

"Reavan is very patient. She has a gift for tuning in fast and reading me intuitively, I felt incredible after our time together. If you need some clarity on your life's path or want to know more about what the future holds, book a session with her!"

Delphanie, Maryland, US

"Reavan, I want to thank you for that reading. It was insightful, illuminating, and comforting. Wow. You picked up on things no one else knew about me. Your psychic insights were invaluable and were able to give me peace of mind about an argument I had with my partner just recently. In addition, your guidance help bring out parts of me I thought were long gone. Thank you."

Tony, Florida, US

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