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Spiritual Healer and Teacher

Reavan's earliest memory was interacting with spirit at age three- which she has since predicted loved ones passing, circumstances and more. It wasn't until she aided in a soul's transition from the physical experience that she realize the spiritual path was a journey meant for her.


Formally, she started college at 15 while attending high school. She went on to earn three degrees: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science. Later in life after realizing her true purpose, Reavan became a Triple Certified Life Coach (Spiritual, Shamanism, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Quantum Healer (Beyond Quantum Healing with Candace Craw-Goldman). Further, she was classically trained with the renowned Clairvoyant teacher and Psychic Dr. Lauren Ceilo.

Reavan is a self proclaimed 3rd wave indigo child, souls who have volunteered to aid in earth's ascension as mentioned in Dolores Cannon's, The Three Waves of Volunteers. This path can be hard; but once you look back at how much weight you released because it wasn't yours to carry any more-it feels so rewarding!

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Reavan has experienced this awakening for herself and knows it to be tough when done alone. Guidance helps to ease the tough times along your spiritual journey, which is why she felt heart-driven to welcome others into the unfolding and receptivity this path offers.
Further, she feels that everyone deserves the opportunity for someone they trust to guide them as well, so with this idea came Black Moon Bird (a company geared towards helping intuitives transcend and ascend their lives). Guided by ancestors and the universe, Reavan is now using what she knows and learned to help others. 

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