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Black Moon Bird is a company that will help you find peace in your life through personal growth, spirituality, and ascensions of all kinds. We offer psychic readings where we tune into your energy field to reveal what's going on with it at this time, as well as quantum healings which release negative thoughts from any past trauma or energetic patterning so they cannot affect those areas anymore!

We help people live their best lives now because anything less than happiness would not be living fully enough! We are committed to giving you the best spiritual experience by providing three different modalities of life coaching, classes on spirituality for intuitives or those who want to grow their intuition, and inspirational products that drive consciousness awareness.

Image by Savvas Kalimeris


Spiritual Growth

Black Moon Bird is a company created to help the collective uncover their intuitive abilities, no matter what challenges they may face. Reavan Lavoria, owner of Black Moon Bird, began practicing her intuitive abilities at a young age. After being shunned for having psychic abilities, she originally denied herself these gifts in order to protect those around her and live within society's expectations.

Her family lineage had practiced this skill set in secrecy due to fear that they would be rejected by their community if it became known what they were doing. Now she is an advocate of accepting one's own power through using both intuition and divination with intent to eliminate the stigma.

There are no coincidences in life; after all, her Grandmother gave a name that means dark and mysterious. Ravens are black birds often seen on branches staring up at the moon with one foot planted solidly in both worlds: physical & spiritual alike.

Her mother then changed the spelling to Reavan symbolizing uniqueness and protection. Combining the intentions of her lineage - dark, mysterious, intuitive, unique and protection - she created a safe space where intuitives can explore their consciousness.

Black Moon Bird helps people transcend and ascend their lives with no regrets. We are committed to helping our clients transcend beyond limitations and ascend gloriously in life with no regrets.

Healing Stones


Life's Mission

Black Moon Bird is a safe space for those who are new to the spiritual journey and feel lost. We understand this world, we know it can often be confusing but that's why Black Moon Bird offers refuge - so you're not alone on your path. Many people just starting their own spiritual journeys have no idea where to begin or what they should look out for when pursuing spirituality in various forms: meditation, yoga classes, retreats--the list goes on.


With Black Moon Bird as a guide through all these magical experiences, there's really nothing left to worry about because our goal has always been creating safety and comfort while maintaining honesty throughout every step of the way! This is our life mission, our purpose, and the fulfillment of a spiritual journey that began long before the present incarnation.

Reavan Lavoria choose to reincarnate in this physical experience to be a "way shower," "teacher," "healer," "black sheep of the family" resonating at a higher frequency than the collective to assist the planet as a whole towards ascension (Click here to learn more about Reavan's background).


A part of this effort is to hold space for intuitives, souls ascending, and souls becoming aware of our true existence. Reavan and other intuitives perform this sacred duty by educating the masses and tuning into energies through their creative work on a daily basis thanks to intuition.


The overall arching point to all these efforts may not always be clear at first glance, but one thing remains certain: we will never stop expanding ourselves to make everlasting change benefit all beings across this world and galaxy. If you feel like this is your calling too, sign up to be notified first of when classes will be available here.

Crystal Ball


Soul Driven

Black Moon Bird is dedicated to creating the perfect session for each individual. Whether you choose a Psychic Reading, Quantum Healing, or Life Coaching session we tailor it to suit your needs and provide out of this world service like no other! Literally!

Reavan Lavoria collaborates with your spirit team before every single appointment ensuring our clients have successful sessions and come back again and again for specialized services.

We have a variety of different steps undertaken before, during and after every appointment.

Before Your Session - Appointment preparation is invaluable because it sets the intention and ensures all who support you in the spirit realm are present to assist during your session. Before you meet with Reavan, she cleanses of any residual energies, channels your Higher Self, and aligns all involved parties for success. Work done before your session ensures everything goes well so it can be an enriching experience without obstacles along the way or afterwords!

During Your Session - The content of your session depends on which service you choose.

Psychic Readings allows your HigherSelf to channels messages through Reavan that are of the highest importance in the present moment. From here, there is an exploration into your energy field or you can ask pressing questions. To learn more about the Psychic Readings we offer, click here.

Quantum Healings are as unique as they come. No one person can predict these appointments because your HigherSelf (the all encompassing - yet still becoming - part universe part you is orchestrating it all (what you will see, feel, hear, smell, sense, touch, everything under trance). It is to be experienced and told by you. That's right, you will be conscious through the event. Many who go through this experience cannot describe it like any other thing they have experienced. It is so interesting and available for anyone who wants to try! To learn more about the Quantum Healings we offer, click here.

Life Coaching sessions are extensively tailored based on what kind of support you might need at any given time in their journey. This includes picking which approach you would like (Spiritual, Shamanistic, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming), as well as a customization. 

This ensures each specific goal gets addressed during the meetings - whatever may help you grow more freely towards achieving your personal growth objectives also gets included here too!

To learn more about the Life Coaching sessions we offer, click here.

After Your Session - The after session process is just as important as the other steps because it ensures your energy isn't open or intertwined with others. This can often be a determinant if not done, and many intuitives miss this crucial part in their work which leaves their client's energies susceptible to others for long periods of time afterwards. Reavan uses several rituals to bring each client back into present time and aligned them with their beneficial vibration

Black Moon Bird is dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible outcomes following your appointment. We take your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being seriously. Book a session today!


Spiritually Inspired


Products that inspire, motivate, and uplift? Check! We have products that are good for the soul and for the collective consciousness: shirts, bottles, masks bags, and tapestries. Each product was created because we believe in the Age of Aquarius Ascension and Increasing the Vibration of the Planet.

From our products that promote awareness and intuition to creating a community of like minded souls who share in each other's successes and challenges too, we want to help everyone find the joy and light within! We hope that by wearing one of these shirts or holding up your favorite bottle out on Instagram everyone will know how important it is to be high vibrational beings, aware of their consciousness, and possess the ability to live happy lives full of peace, joy, bliss, and happiness. Come explore our merch today!

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